Olverson’s Lodge Creek Marina

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We’re currently staying at Olverson’s Lodge Creek Marina. It’s about 30 minutes from my parents’ farm, and we don’t have to take the boat too far up the Potomac to see them. Lodge Creek is tucked up at the end of the Yeocomico River, off of the Potomac River (check out our Where In The World Are We? page, to see detail of the location).

So we chose it because of it’s location, and it’s also very affordable, which is great too. It’s also a terrific marina! Fred Olverson and his staff are more than welcoming and even MORE than accommodating.

Fred has 60-some acres (forgive me if I’m a bit off on that, Fred) here, that includes the marina, huge amount of land storage (boats, RVs, cars, etc,), heated pool, a farmhouse that you can rent out, pavilion, free bikes, ice on the honor system, and FIVE courtesy cars!

Courtesy cars are the bomb. We discovered them on our trip south in the winter of  2008-2009 (If you’re interested, check out the blog we kept). Marinas have cars available to transient slip holders, to use for grocery store, west marine, etc. They’re usually always on the honor system, and you can use them for an hour or so, depending on demand. No money, no driver’s license, just ask to use the car, and they give you a key.

Now mind you, these aren’t dealer cars, or usually even gently used cars. We’ve driven all kinds of makes, models and years…and in all state of wear! On occasion, we’ve also used personal cars of marina managers and dock masters. We haven’t noticed them in Maryland, but usually don’t have a need for one when we travel around the bay in the summer.

Olverson’s is courtesy car gold! Fred has FIVE cars to use, at anytime. Unlocked, with keys in them ready to go. This is terrific for us, as we don’t have to go back and forth, trying to use my parents’ car. We happily jumped in a Jeep Grand Cherokee last night, to go to dinner…what a treat! I can also use it for both a Walmart and grocery run, before we head down the Intracoastal. It’s a terrific perk.

Honor system ice is also great. The bins are unlocked, with ice prices posted on the doors. There’s a box nearby, that you can drop your cash in. No worry about whether the office is open, to go pay someone or get a key.

Here’s an aerial view of Olverson’s:

Image result for aerial view of olverson's marina va


If you find yourself in the area, please stay with Fred, at Olverson’s. Friendly staff and slip holders, helpful perks and a tranquil location. Thanks Fred!

“Shells Sink, Dreams Float. Life’s Good On Our Boat!”

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