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I will detail some of the technical aspects of the refit or really anything else I feel like.  So any request are welcomed, it will keep me from going on and on, or as my wife says:

“Making peoples eyes roll back in their head, while their ears bleed”

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3 thoughts on “Captain’s Corner

  1. Hi Scott – enjoying your and Caroline’s site! We own ROBES (KK42079) and we’ve been doing a slower five year refit covering many of the jobs that it looks like you have done as well! Currently, ROBES is out for the winter and was just sandblasted – waiting for a three month dry out and then barrier coating her. I suspect we will probably find some wet core (though I put bow and stern thrusters in this past summer and those cores were totally dry). I was wondering how you approached the wet stuff you found – where it was located and what you did about it. Thanks! Oh, and I’ll surely ask about your paravane refit at some point as well. We currently use a flopper stopper at anchor (15′ pole by Forespar) and like what it does for that. Would love to use fish underway – happy with your decision to go that route?

    Bob and Jen

    • Bob, As you saw the coring issues where pretty random, but did seem more prevalent on the lower parts near keel where water would naturally migrate thru open voids. Only some core dried out, some of it had water/glycol trapped behind the core against the inner skin and would not dry in the given time period. That core was removed, and the inner skin was slightly blistered, so that had to be taken care of as well.

      I am very happy with the paravane setup. I have under $10K invested in them, so it was a no-brainer to go that route for me. I like being able to use them at anchor and underway. Only issue has been coming into shallow harbors or areas when it is rough, as the boat needs to be at a stand still to launch and retrieve them while still in the rough deep water. Also couldn’t use them on the banks in the Bahamas a few times when we wanted to, I like about 25′ of water minimum.

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