I grew up near, and love, love, love Baltimore. Living here all of my life, I’m a die hard O’s fan, and a PSL owner for the Ravens. I love festivals and happy hours, cooking and baking (anything food related really) and any excuse to have a gathering or a party.

I was never really interested in boating. After meeting Scott, and spending so much time on the water, I now can’t imagine life differently than afloat. I enjoy meeting other people in marinas and when we travel, which allows me to keep up the gathering/party planning!

I’m pretty OCD when it comes to keeping things clean and straight, which comes in handy when living in a smaller space. Cooking and baking are a challenge on a boat, but I can turn out some pretty great stuff in a small galley with a tiny oven.

In keeping up our first blog, I realized that I enjoy writing. It’s a great way to document the days, and share our adventures with friends, family and general followers, so I look forward to this great big blogging adventure!