We did not plan for pets on this cruise. After losing my cats of 15 years, within five months of each other, just as we were buying Sea Life, I told myself that it was karma and good timing. Karma had other plans for us, when a rambunctious kitten dive bombed my feet on the walk home from the post office to our house. The plan was to find him a home, but after finding out that nearby homeowners moved and took his mother, leaving him behind, I was hooked.

Scott has been a prince about it, as I know it still sticks in his craw that we are traveling with a pet. We named him Howard, after our post office and home location, Fort Howard. Scott and Howard have terrific play sessions that leave Howard exhausted. This is helpful, as this nearly three year old male cat is like raising a two year old toddler… complete with tantrums!

Howard has adjusted well to boat life, and thinks that our entire marina pier is his. It’ll be quite an adjustment when there are no boards to walk, or tables and dock boxes to crawl around and under. He’ll also miss all the dogs who pass by, as he likes to show them who’s boss and who’s pier they’re on.

Check out many photos of Howard’s regular antics here.