Pot Luck!

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On Saturday, I jumped into my trusty courtesy car and went to visit my parents for lunch. They had a new roof put on, and are now getting the siding done, so I got to meet the crew; it’s looking great.

That afternoon, our neighbors Rich and Sue invited us to a pot luck dinner on the pier. We are at the end of a long, covered pier, that dog-legs about two thirds of the way down. The dog leg is the gathering place for the regulars, and there’s always someone there to greet you as you come through.

I panicked when we were invited, having no idea what to bring (we haven’t fully stocked up on groceries yet). Then I remembered that I had a peanut butter truffle cake, that the AWESOME girls from Sugarbakers gave me, in the freezer. Woohoo, I was set!

Scott and I wandered up to the dog-leg at about 7pm, as the spread was being set out. All the food was terrific, but the pista resistance was the huge platter of freshly caught and fried (on site at the dog-leg) perch. It was awesome! We both had seconds of everything, especially fish, and were glad that everyone enjoyed the cake (thanks girls!).

The B Pier group welcomed us in, and made us feel like regulars. Can’t say enough good things about this Olverson’s place!

On another note. Years ago, Scott found an old Pennzoil Motor Oil jar in one of my parents out buildings. He’s saved it all of this time, and has now cleaned it out (really?), and has filled it with his own spiced rum. Scary thing is, it kinda looks like motor oil!

“Shells Sink, Dreams Float. Life’s Good On Our Boat!”

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