Traveling To The Potomac

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We’d planned to stay at Herrington Harbor until Saturday, but the wind forecast for travel that day went down hill. So, we cut our stay short at our favorite marina, and made way for the Potomac River, where we would visit my parents and family.

Scott had charted us a twelve hour day, but the tide was with us all the way, and we cut some corners on the route, shaving us down to nine hours…yay! Once you pass the Patuxent River, and Solomon’s Island, the color of the bay water changes dramatically. It’s much more green-blue, and you see wildlife that is too smart to try and live in the northern bay. We spotted our first pelican yesterday…and a sea turtle!

We were somehow inundated with hundreds of biting flies, that swarmed around the outside of the boat as we traveled. Scott went out to try and secure the paravanes (which we didn’t need to use, because of the terrific weather), and was attacked. Of course, some made their way into the boat, to feast on us. We hoped that Howard would help us out, as one of his favorite past times is chasing and eating flies, but he was busy….

We arrived at Olverson’s Lodge Creek Marina, where we were warmly greeted by Bill, and the dock master, Rodney. They helped us tied up, and we then went to check in with Fred Olverson. Fred is a great guy, and a fellow cruiser. He and his wife have been traveling by boat to Marathon, Florida for the last nine years, to spend the winter. (More about Fred’s terrific marina later)

Once we’d iced the cooler, cut Scott’s hair (yes, it’s my job now) and took showers, we headed out to Los Portales for dinner, because we never turn down a chance to eat Mexican! We were more than pleasantly surprised with our food, service and the whole place. It was awesome….and very, very affordable! If you’re ever in Callao (pronounced Ca lee o), Virginina, stop by and stuff yourself!

We’ll stay here, happily ensconced at Olverson’s, for the next few days.

“Shells Sink, Dreams Float. Life’s Good On Our Boat!”

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