Our New Surroundings

We’re currently anchored in El Bight, on the southeast side of Guanaja. It offers good protection from the winds, and we’ll spend time here until they are more favorable to head around the corner. The anchorage is much more quiet than what we used to in Isla Mujeres, as there is little tourism here..so no party boats! Our “fleet” is smaller, but still makes for a welcoming view at sunrise.

The sun comes up here at 5:29 am, so it is noticeably light just after 5:00. It’s nice to have the light and sun wake us up early, so we can enjoy a bit of time before our daily sweating sets in, which usually starts before 8am.

It’s not joke..it’s hot here, and humid. We’re usually at 85 degrees by 7am, and the humidity runs around 65%. For those of you from my hometown of Baltimore, you know what I speak of…soupy. We move slower, swim and shower more, and generally try to block it out. The sun sets at 6:00pm, and it gets beastly between 2:00 and 4:00. The temperatures hover at 90 before dusk brings a reprieve.

Despite all that, our surroundings are beautiful and remote. The water temperature is between 83 and 84. Scott’s ideal temperature is between 81 and 82, so he’s eager to get in!

There are actually several restaurants in the hills nearby, and we look forward to visiting them.

Howard has quickly settled in.

We love the area so far, and look forward to exploring it more thoroughly! Here are a few more photos.

“Shells Sink, Dreams Float. Life’s Good On Our Boat!”


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  1. Hi. Looking ar your latest blog now. still no papers and we thought Turkey was a pain but now we just pay Atilla and he sorts it all out! Did you feel anything from the earthquake yesterday? Glad to see you are settling into cruising and enjoying life. I am still struggling to walk far. My doctor has diagnosed the iliopsoas muscle is strained or something. All imknow ismthat is extremely painful and makes walking very difficult. Meanwhile Mick has taken the wings off the Citroen and is busy rubbing down, filling etc ready to repaint. And the weather is cold with snow yesterday on the mountains so enjoy the heat ha ha! Let us know if and when you could skype? Love Sue and Mick xxxxx

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