Memories of Isla Mujeres

I snapped this photo of a postcard that gives a good bird’s eye view of the island. The black X marks our anchorage in the harbor area. Just below it is the lagoon, and to the right are the inland lakes. The busy, tourist -filled downtown area is at the very top of the photo, just above the air strip, which looks like a solid line.

This island really grew on us, as we sought out quiet spots among the touristy north end, and discovered local places along both the east and west sides of the south.

People we met here are now cherished friends. Our first cruisers friends here were so welcoming to us. They’ve been at this for many years, and shared knowledge of Isla Mujeres and a wealth of information about future places that we will be visiting.

As they left, we felt a bit lonely, but quickly realized how wonderful the cruising community is. We met more great people at pizza and taco nights, as well as those who were now anchored near us in the spots where our first friends had been. Hours were spent fishing, shopping, learning the official cruisers’ game of Mexican train dominoes and talking over food and drink. We gained more useful cruising knowledge with each new friend.

Our time on land revealed new friends as well. We connected with people visiting on vacation and those who have called the island their winter home for more than twenty years! And, we cannot forget our favorite bartender…Louis (lou eese) who’s friendly manner and terrific margaritas has us at Hola! Everyone who served us was so pleasant, adding to our love of the island.

We only planned to stay a month, but this crazy La Nina weather, with it’s constant cold fronts and winds, had other plans. The good friends made, information learned and fun times had were well worth the extra weeks! As we pull up roots and leave Isla Mujeres, there are many cherished memories that will go with us.

“Shells Sink, Dreams Float. Life’s Good On Our Boat!”

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