Golf Carts And Fishing And Pets, Oh My!

Scott has been on several spear fishing outings with some of our cruising neighbors. The winds and surf prove a bit challenging, and most of the area has been “fished out,” but he enjoyed the exercise, and time spent with the guys.

Even though it’s often rough, the rocky coastline on the east side of the island is always scenic.

I spent time in town with the girls during the fishing expedition. We lingered at the Rooster Cafe, and enjoyed their free and fast internet! It was a miserably hot and humid day. I even spied an iguana, who normally seek out the sun, lingering in the shade of his hole.

On St. Patrick’s Day, Scott and I rented a golf cart, to explore the island a bit more than we’ve done on our bikes. Before leaving, Scott had some box play with Howard, to wear him out for the day. It seems any box will do.

We set off with our friend, Elizabeth, from Skylark (unfortunately, her husband was under the weather, and stayed behind). While Scott stopped to get beer and ice, for our golf cart cooler (must have a golf cart cooler!), Elizabeth and I walked through the grounds of El Milagro Hotel & Marina. It has endless, colorful tile work and original accents.

And even an iguana hotel! We have learned since being here that iguanas live in holes. I don’t know how occupied this “hotel” was, but didn’t get close enough to find out. Iguanas ick me out.

After enjoying a lunch of fish tacos with Elizabeth, we dropped her off and headed to the south end of the island, where the Black Cat was decked out in green for the day. To get to the bar, we had to walk through the hotel lobby and then down a switch-back trail of ramps. They sure made you work up a thirst..good for business, I guess!

It was temping to stay for the coming music and festivities,  but since we were traveling to Playa del Carmen the next day for the wedding, it seemed smart to take it slow.

After our “hike” to and from the bar, we set off to explore the narrow peninsula that borders the east side of our anchorage. There is a sizeable undeveloped area on it, with grasses, trees, and a few trails. Scott deemed them golf cart worthy, and we went “off road.”

We had to return the car by 5pm, so it was time to head back. There was quite a bit of congestion as we made our way through downtown. It seems that all of the companies require a 5pm return.

It was definitely the most quiet St. Patrick’s Day that I’ve celebrated in years, but we had a great day.  It was also nice to enjoy the day without having to push ourselves along, like we had to do in Staniel Cay, Bahamas! Here are some more photos.

“Shells Sink, Dreams Float. Life’s Good On Our Boat!”






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