Another Lazy Week

Our week was quiet and lazy. With strong winds predicted, we did a quick grocery run on Monday, and then braved the winds on Tuesday in the Aluminum Princess, to meet our friends Ron and Delores at The Soggy Peso. Ron and Delores have been spending their winters here in Isla Mujeres, and away from Wisconsin, for the last twenty years (before that, they’d escape to Cancun)! They arrive in November, and head home again on the first of May…genius!

They have been an invaluable source of local knowledge, with Delores answering tons of food questions for me (which items are and aren’t sold in Mexico, or which ones I can find in Cancun, etc.). I have had a challenge with Mexican butter. It just doesn’t bake up the same (yes, I bake onboard). Delores travels with Crisco butter flavored baking sticks, and was incredibly generous enough to part with some, giving them to me. Hurray! Edible cookies for Scott!

Our friends are a staple each day at the Soggy Peso, spending 2-3 hours in the afternoon enjoying a few beers. We stopped in to get my Crisco sticks and have a drink with them, before heading off to Taco Night with the cruisers.

After leaving Ron and Delores, we made our way to Oscars, where cruisers meet for happy hour at 5:30; Tuesdays for tacos, Fridays for pizza. From there, we walked about a mile to a local taqueria. Our route took us along one of two inland lakes on Isla Mujeres. It was an area that we hadn’t yet seen, so it was an interesting walk. We enjoyed tacos, conversation and some dancing before heading back to the boat.

We stayed put onboard for the middle of the week, amid stronger winds and eventful nights of near misses. Howard kept us amused, as always. His latest favorite toy is a piece of boat line that Scott tied for him. It’s so fun that he brings it along to dinner.

With warmer temperatures settling in, Howard likes to nap outside of his play box, where it’s cooler. Scott’s beach towel draped over a chair provides a protected nap spot, where Howard can fully relax.

We headed back to Oscars on Friday, for pizza night. They make a really good pizza, and every order comes with garlic knots, which are heavenly! People bring whatever they brought to drink for happy hour on the pier up to the restaurant for dinner, making an affordable meal at Oscars even better. Our bill for a 15″ pizza with the knots, and tip, comes to 11.00…terrific!

Here are a few photos from our lazy week.

“Shells Sink, Dreams Float. Life’s Good On Our Boat!”



One thought on “Another Lazy Week

  1. Good Morning from Clearwater Beach!
    We totally enjoy all of your posts and photos. We’ve had a great weather until today. We have Temps in the 60’s and waves are 6-8 on beach and seas 12-14!.
    Winds are upper twenties gusting to 30-35.
    We wish we were there for tacos and pizza and of course the beverages!
    We have seen three of your sister ships on our travels – – not quite as nice as yours- – of course.

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