Marina Paraiso

We spent a week at Marina Paraiso. In addition to having Chepo help us with the lengthy customs procedure, it was nice to stay here while we got our bearings. We also took time to wash the crust of salt off of the boat, from our passage here from the Dry Tortugas. There is a small hotel ashore, with a pool, bar and restaurant. We had trouble picking up the internet signal at the pier, so time was spent at the bar, where the signal was stronger. Luis took good care of us, as we surfed the net and caught up on emails and blog posts.

Lizards are everywhere here…ick! They come out en mass, to sun themselves. Creepy.

Just after we arrived, a cold front came through, bringing high winds (go figure). Several boats in the anchorage off of the marina had their anchors drag. One poor sailboat from Germany let loose, while it’s owner was ashore (we think taking care of customs). You can tell in the photo below that the boat is dragging anchor, because it is perpendicular to the boat that it’s passing.

Some good Samaritans from neighboring boats took their dingys over to the drifting boat and climbed aboard. They tried setting the anchor and secure the flapping sail. They were finally able to get the boat anchored, before it landed in the mangroves, but had no luck with the sails, which ripped at the seams.

There is a constant flow of catamarans and charter boats of all sizes past our marina. They’re stuffed full with tourists on their way to snorkel, watch the sunset or just drink. The music is so loud that it must be ear shattering if you’re actually on board. It’s like I-95 for party boats. Other than that, which is mostly amusing, despite the constant wakes that it throws our way, our slip and the marina are great. Oh, except for having to do an acrobatic performance past this oddly placed pole on our finger pier, when getting on and off the boat!

And, we are proudly flying our Maryland flag!!

Sadly, just after we arrived, my washer/dryer stopped working. We spent two years refitting the entire boat, replacing and refinishing practically every inch, and the year old washer breaks!! Scott was hoping that it was something he could fix, but it seems to need a computer panel. Computer driven things drive Scott crazy…neither he, nor Howard, can fix them.

Getting anything sent here and through customs, from mail to packages to parts, is very challenging. We’ll most likely have to wait at least a month, until we’re out of Mexico, to get the part.

SOOO, until that day arrives, I’m now hand-washing the laundry! We can have it sent out, which many do here, as there doesn’t appear to be any self serve laundromats here. However, a load of clothes will pay for two margaritas, or four beers…so hand wash it is! Scott set me up to wash in our empty cooler and rinse in several five gallon buckets.

It all takes much less time than I expected, and my happy hour kitty is untouched!

We have ventured to the big grocery store on the island, Chedraui.

It’s more like a Walmart Supercenter, selling groceries; fresh baked bread and pastries; liquor, wine and beer; linens and dishes; clothing; pet food and supplies; appliances, tvs and computers; toiletries and pharmaceuticals…and, scooters and motorcycles! At 600.00, Scott was very tempted to buy this one, before the computer panel on the washer went up.

We stocked up on fresh food and some baked goods, and also grabbed some beer and rum. I was thrilled that they sold a little piece of home for me…Miller High Life, in the little bottles!

Our total came to 1,500 or so pesos, or about 90.00.

We look forward to exploring more of downtown Isla Mujeres, as well as the area near our marina.

“Shells Sink, Dreams Float. Life’s Good On Our Boat!”

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