Happy New Year From Key West!

Our friends Mark and Maria came to visit, and spend New Year’s Eve with us. We did a short walk with them around the downtown area in the morning, admiring the New Year’s Eve decorations. They then they headed off for some beach time (not a bad way to spend the afternoon of New Year’s Eve)!


There are several midnight celebrations here in town. We decided to go out of the box, and watch a drag queen descend in a giant red shoe at midnight! The building across the street hosted a party, and despite some trees, it gave us a decent view of the festivities on the street below, and of the shoe.

It was a hot and sticky night, but we persevered. As promised, “Sushi” descended in her shoe at midnight!





A few more photos here. Happy 2016!!


“Shells Sink, Dreams Float. Life’s Good On Our Boat!”


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