Dog Walks And Turtle Races

While on our downtown walk with Mark and Maria, we happened to be at the right time and place to see the annual Key West Daschund Walk! The route is deliberately kept brief, to cater to the dachshunds’ short legs. Many of the dogs were in costumes…

Some even appeared to be  Star Wars fans…

Dogs from other breeds also take part, becoming honorary dachshunds for the day.

A supply wagon was along for the ride, to carry water for thirsty walkers and plastic bags for quick cleanup of any accidents — as well as providing transport for dogs that get tired along the way.

Donations were collected along the route , for the community pet-food pantry. The walk was an unexpected treat! More fun photos here.

Turtle Krawls Restaurant, located just off of our pier, advertises turtle races three times a week. Scott and I have been interested in this event, but have yet to make it. We finally managed to get there for Friday’s race, with Mark and Maria in tow.

Four turtles “compete” in the race, and when you make a purchase (food, drink, etc.)  you receive a ticket with a corresponding number on it (1-4, for one of the turtles). If you’re turtle wins, you turn in your ticket for a key, which may or may not open a chest that contains a cash prize. If no one wins, the prize amount grows for the next race.

We were game for this, so we ordered drinks and were given a handful of tickets, instead of one per person. The odds were now stacked in our favor, as both couples had a ticket for each turtle.

As we took our places along the race “track,” we met this great couple, who traveled from Alabama, and had gotten married that morning on the beach! Congratulations to Jeff and Meredith!

The  shelled athletes were taken out of their blue Igloo cooler (which I guess helps them get angry enough to race) and placed on the track.

Turtle number one flew out in front, and blew the others away. I’ve never seen a turtle move so fast, he was practically running! I think he was trying to get as far away from that cooler as possible.

Unfortunately, our keys didn’t open the box. Maybe Scott and I will try again, as the jackpot grows!

“Shells Sink, Dreams Float. Life’s Good On Our Boat!”

Happy New Year!

Our friends Mark and Maria came to visit, and spend New Year’s Eve with us. We did a short walk with them around the downtown area in the morning, admiring the New Year’s Eve decorations. They then they headed off for some beach time (not a bad way to spend the afternoon of New Year’s Eve)!


There are several midnight celebrations here in town. We decided to go out of the box, and watch a drag queen descend in a giant red shoe at midnight! The building across the street hosted a party, and despite some trees, it gave us a decent view of the festivities on the street below, and of the shoe.

It was a hot and sticky night, but we persevered. As promised, “Sushi” descended in her shoe at midnight!

Happy 2016!!

“Shells Sink, Dreams Float. Life’s Good On Our Boat!”