We’re In Cartagena!!

Yes, you heard me right, we arrived in Cartagena, Colombia yesterday am, after a 31 hour trip from Snug Harbor, one of the more eastern islands in the San Blas.

Our trip got off to a more bumpy start than expected, and as predicted, the winds and seas picked up overnight (not Scott or Howard’s favorite trip, so they weathered most of it out on the couch together). Thankfully, by the time we made the turn for our final leg…into straight-on head seas, both wind and wave conditions had calmed wonderfully.

We hadn’t planned to visit Colombia at all, but everyone we’ve met over the last 18 months who’s visited the city says not to miss it, so here we are. Between the Miami-like high rises, lies the old, walled city. Like the forts we visited in Portobelo, Panama, the walled area is also a World Heritage UNSECO site. We’ve been told that the old city has a very European feel, and are anxious to explore the area.

Sea Life is now comfortably tied in a slip at Club de Pesca, which is right next to a bridge that leads to the walled city. Good news…we are now back in the land of reliable internet! Please bear with me, while I upload and edit the zillion San Blas photos we have left to share, and then post about the remainder of our wonderful time there.

In the meantime, check out our route here, using the link on the “Where Are We Now” page. and soon we’ll get to some Cartagena adventures!

“Shells Sink, Dreams Float. Life’s Good On Our Boat!”

3 thoughts on “We’re In Cartagena!!

  1. Cartagena! That is awesome! Following the entire story of Romancing the Stone. Loving the blog. Keep up the good work. Lets see some Pix.
    You guys missed opening day. Trumbo smashed a home run in the 11th for the win. Game 4+ hours, rainy and 50′. Be glad you were in Cartagena.


    • Hey Laddie!! Yes, Scott has been making Romancing the Stone references and comments since we arrived. Cartagena is awesome, and if I ever get caught up on this poor blog, you’ll see pics.
      I was able to watch the O’s home opener on a live stream from here!!! What a treat, and a great win!


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